New 2024 Honda CRV Hybrid Cost, Dimensions, Engine

New 2024 Honda CRV Hybrid Cost, Dimensions, Engine – Toyota introduced a hybrid version five years ago of its RAV4 crossover. This caught other automakers by surprise. Although it may have arrived a little late, the 2024 Honda CRV Hybrid is ready to compete with the Toyota RAV4 Hybrid Hybrid and Ford Escape Hybrid in compact crossover segments. This is Honda’s first hybrid SUV offering in the United States. It will be a necessity if Honda wants to challenge Toyota as the number one seller.

The CRV Hybrid is part a larger facelift for the 2024 model-year that also improves on the standard CRV. The gasoline CRV’s drivetrain is unchanged. However, the hybrid takes its inspiration from the popular Accord Hybrid. This hybrid drivetrain has an EPA rating of 40 mpg in the city. Toyota’s and Ford’s hybrids will both achieve this figure. The CRV will need to offer more to compete. Honda flew us to Tucson, Arizona, to show us the CRV Hybrid’s strengths.

2024 Honda CRV Redesign

Exterior And Interior Design

All CRV models are updated for the 2024 model years with new headlights and wheel designs. New 19-inch wheels are available for the top Touring trim, which is an inch larger than last years model. A CRV Hybrid is distinguished from a regular model by its distinctive bumper design, 5-element rectangular LED fog lights (EX trim or higher), unique rear bumper and hybrid badges. The CRV Hybrid is a great vehicle with a wide stance and a premium appearance. However, buyers who want something more off-road-oriented may prefer the RAV4.

2024 Honda CRV Hybrid Exterior
2024 Honda CRV Hybrid Exterior

The 2024 Honda CRV Hybrid comes in two new colors: Sonic Gray Pearl (pictured here) and Radiant Red Metallic (pictured below). We liked both colors, but we would like Honda to offer a black package that would remove some of the car’s chrome elements.

All CRV models have new interiors, including a revised center console design and an integrated wireless charger on top trim level Touring. There are many configurations for the new center console armrest, including one that can hold a large purse. Honda’s interior materials, including the Touring trim’s rear leather seat surfaces, are of high quality. Honda uses imitation wood to give the cabin a luxurious feel. However, certain features like ventilated seats and heated rear seats as well as a surround-view camera were left out in order for Honda to keep them reserved for Acura.

2024 Honda CRV Hybrid Interior
2024 Honda CRV Hybrid Interior

Honda claims the hybrid has the same interior volume of 105.9 cubic feet as the standard 2024 Honda CRV. This is a class-leading claim in this segment. The hybrid models can be distinguished by a digital cluster that features a hybrid-specific power flow monitor and a shift-by-wire gear selector with push-button controls. The LX trim comes with a 5-inch display, while all other trims have a 7-inch display. However, it still feels small and slow compared to the competition. Apple CarPlay, Android Auto and Bluetooth Auto are available on every trim except the base trim. The speaker count varies from four to nine depending upon the trim.

2024 Honda CRV Engine

The hybrid replaces the 1.5-liter turbocharged engine in the standard CRV. Instead, it uses a 2.0-liter iVTEC Atkinson cycle four-cylinder that produces 143 horsepower and 129 lb-ft of torque. The CRV Hybrid can produce 212 hp total and 232 lb-ft of torque when combined with two electric motors and a generator/starter motor. This is the most powerful and efficient version of the CRV, just a little less than the RAV4 Hybrid. The 2024 Honda CRV Hybrid transmits its power through four fixed-ratio gears and a lockup clutch, just like the Accord Hybrid. The CRV Hybrid uses an actual mechanical all-wheel-drive system, unlike the RAV4 Hybrid which has an electric motor at the rear.

2024 Honda CRV Hybrid Engine
2024 Honda CRV Hybrid Engine

Hybridization may produce power, but it is the main result of the best CRV model’s fuel economy. The EPA rates the CRV Hybrid at 40/35/38 mpg city/highway/combined. These numbers are not as good as the Escape Hybrid or RAV4 Hybrid, but they are still very high for the segment.

2024 Honda CRV Release Date And Price

The 2024 Honda CRV Hybrid’s starting price is $27,750, plus a $1120 Destination Fee (a total of $28,870). The hybrid costs $2,500 more than the regular CRV, but this price difference shrinks to $1,200 when you consider the hybrid’s standard AWD. It should be possible to repay the hybrid premium over the life of the vehicle, if you save enough fuel. The EX trim increases the price to $31,380 (with delivery), while the EX-L is $33,870 and the Touring trim costs $37,070. Although this is less than the RAV4, the Toyota offers features that are not available on the Honda CRV, such as heated rear seats and panoramic moonroofs, and ventilated seats.

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